Shipping and transport

  • Europe

    Delivery in Europe is done by road freight. (Examples.: 300kg / 8m2 cement tiles – to Poland 129€, to Sweden 143€ ; 800kg / 20m2 cement tiles – To Slovakia 270€, to Greece 375€) with an average of a 10-15 days transit time.

    Non-European countries

    Delivery outside Europe is completed through Sea freight (FCL or LCL) or Air freight.

    Sea container FCL (Full container load). A whole container for you!

    • You pay for the container - full or not full.
    • The container is loaded directly at the factory in Tangier;
    • Effective transit time and easier clearance.

    Sea freight LCL (Less container load)

    • Order organized by a consolidator who separates each shipment at final destination.
    • You pay a part of the container + consolidator costs.
    • Longer transit time; extras delays: trucking of your order until the consolidation harbor in Spain + delay till LCL is filled up and export cleared + delay till LCL is deconsolidated and cleared in the destination harbor.

    Air freight

    • Best air rates from Spanish airports.
    • Road transit from Tangier factory to airports.
    • Better transit time than sea freight, more expensive.

  • Courier

    Your order is road transported to Madrid Airport then supported by FEDEX, DHL, EMS or similar who deliver at your door. Best transit time but most expensive option.
    For deliveries outside Europe or North America, transport is organized FOB/CIF - MOSAIC deals with loading and shipment, client organizes locally importation clearance and delivery.

    Customer can also independently organize transport from our factory in Tangier or pick up from our warehouse in Seville (Spain).

    Example of Transport costs and delays outside Europe

    Incoterm CIF FOB Dubai harbour NY habour
    Weight /m2 LTL FCL Indicative Price Indicative Lead time Indicative Price Indicative Lead time
    800 kg
    (20m2 cement tiles / 31m2 Zellige)
    1 pallet € 350 25 days € 455 35 days
    4000 kg
    (100m2 cement tiles/ 160m2 Zellige)
    4 pallet € 995 25 days € 1.150 35 days
    Up to 10000 KG
    (250m2 cement tiles/ 400m2 Zellige)
    20ft container € 1.500 20 days € 2.510 30 days
    Up to 20000 KG
    (500 m2 cement tiles/ 800m2 Zellige)
    40ft container € 1.830 20 days € 2.930 30 days