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Terrazzo SLABS: Large Terrazzo Slabs. Choose your preferred design, cement colour and shape that adapts best to your project. 20 to 30mm thick, prices from £95/m2. Ask our customer service team.

Terrazzo SLABS 80x80 cm Terrazzo tile in Marble 5 'pink' ref. 504 Terrazzo SLABS - Heaxagonal 68x80 cm and Square 80x80 cm All shaps, pattern, colours and sizes Heaxagonal Terrazzo tile 68x80 cm in Marble 10 Large tile 80x80 in custom Terrazzo green marble and pink Marble '3' background Square 80x80 cm Terrazzo in 'beton' color and Marble '3' aggregates Custom Terrazzo large size slab, background Marble 5 ref 505 and random pentagonal plates of recycled Terrazzo Recycled cement tiles in Terrazzo slabs Bespoke colour plates, Terrazzo tile 40*40*2 Terrazzo, “Stone” collection, bespoke design and colours Terrazzo, “Stone” collection, bespoke design and colours Brown marble chips, rounded terrazzo decorative plates. Custom decorative plates in Granito for this 40*40*2 terrazzo tile Random cut of recycled terrazzo for a brand new 40*40*2 terrazzo tile White marble chips and grey-blue cement for this bespoke Terrazzo slab Blue Granito inclusions in a Marble 5 terrazzo tile 40*40*2 Grey marble chips, grey #GPL cement background, custom shape Green cement and Mix White marble chips Granito and Terrazzo Marble 5 – Bespoke Terrazzo floor 40*40*2 Terrazzo tiles, “Stone” collection, customized Large inlays in bespoke Terrazzo slabs