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Terrazzo “STONE”: Terrazzo tiles decorated with large pieces of recycled materials. Fully customisable collection. 40x40cm tiles with a thickness of 20mm from £95/m2. Contact our Factory customer service department.

Terrazzo STONE Custom Terrazzo large size slab, background Marble 5 ref 505 and random pentagonal plates of recycled Terrazzo Recycled cement tiles in Terrazzo slabs Bespoke colour plates, Terrazzo tile 40*40*2 Terrazzo, “Stone” collection, bespoke design and colours Terrazzo, “Stone” collection, bespoke design and colours Brown marble chips, rounded terrazzo decorative plates. Custom decorative plates in Granito for this 40*40*2 terrazzo tile Random cut of recycled terrazzo for a brand new 40*40*2 terrazzo tile White marble chips and grey-blue cement for this bespoke Terrazzo slab Blue Granito inclusions in a Marble 5 terrazzo tile 40*40*2 Grey marble chips, grey #GPL cement background, custom shape Green cement and Mix White marble chips Granito and Terrazzo Marble 5 – Bespoke Terrazzo floor 40*40*2 Terrazzo tiles, “Stone” collection, customized Large inlays in bespoke Terrazzo slabs